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What are bodybuilding supplements? 

In ancient Greece, athletes and bodybuilders were told to take more meat and wine to improve their performance in sports. So, somewhere in ancient times, people discovered the use of supplements and that diet plays an important role in achieving fitness goals like bodybuilding and physical fitness.  

In today’s world, when the world has advanced in terms of technology and research, building supplements still play an important role in one's physical fitness. The more we are researching, the more we are discovering how and what kind of supplements can benefit one the most and support them to reach their full potential in both bodybuilding and other sports.  

So, what do we mean by "bodybuilding supplements"?  

We can define bodybuilding supplements as “dietary additives that are frequently consumed by people who engage in bodybuilding, and other sports that require a person to reach their full fitness potential in order to promote the growth of lean body mass."  

Ingredients in bodybuilding supplements may be claimed to improve muscle mass, change body weight, improve athletic performance, and change body fat percentage for desired muscular definition. Some of the examples of bodybuilding supplements are whey protein, casein protein, BCAA powder and tablet, L carnitine, glutamine, mass gainers, weight gainers, etc.  

Best bodybuilding supplements 

As new research is coming up every day about new discoveries in the nutrition field, a person might get confused about which supplements are the best ones for bodybuilding and muscle gain. Let us make it easier for you to make sure you make the right choice for your body. Some of the bodybuilding supplements that are basically required when you choose to build muscles are:  

Creatine Monohydrate: Supplements for boosting stamina and muscle strength include creatine monocyte pills. It has benefits that have been supported by science, which aid in maintaining energy levels during demanding exercise and activities like weight lifting. It truly aids in boosting the muscles' capacity to store creatine and phosphocreatine (PCr), which boosts energy. 

BCAA or branched chain amino acids: Intake of BCAA powder or pill helps to enhance your performance in the gym and improve muscle conditioning. It helps to reduce muscle soreness after workouts which makes it one of the best supplements to include in your muscle building starter kit. It encourages protein synthesis and reduces protein breakdown for energy in the body. It also helps to give a boost to your metabolism.  

Whey Protein Powder: Whey protein is one of the greatest supplements for bodybuilders since it supports the development of muscle, strength, and stamina while also shortening the recovery time.  

Glutamine: Glutamine works for better muscle recovery and aids in muscle growth. One of the greatest supplements for bodybuilding, glutamine controls the body's acid-base balance by removing excess ammonia that can accumulate after intense exercise. 

Caffeine: It has been repeatedly shown that caffeine is a potent ergogenic aid for both intense exercise and aerobic fitness. In terms of strength performance, the advantages of coffee are less clear. According to studies caffeine supplements have proven to lower perception of effort and reduce the feeling of fatigue. It can prove to be advantageous for high intensity workouts.   

The best bodybuilding supplements to opt in India 

Proence nutritional supplements are considered to be the best. It is not only one of the most popular brands among athletes and bodybuilders, but in the USA, many fitness experts also recommend the use of proence nutritional supplements. All of the supplements mentioned above are available on the website, and with one click you can get them delivered right to your doorstep. Except the above given supplements more variety is available on proence.com  

like testosterone support, EAA supplements, amino acids, milk thistle, Tribulus terrestris, and many more. Proence takes care of all of their fitness goals, whether it is weight gain, weight loss, bodybuilding, or just staying fit in the long run. Each product is scientifically designed, and well versed research is done on each one of the products.  


Bodybuilding supplements are important for you if you are working on your health goal. They make your work easier by giving you a high amount of nutrition in small serving sizes. Some of the important fitness supplements are Creatine monocyte, caffeine, whey protein etc. Proence nutrition is a leading brand not only nationally but internationally acclaimed, the brand only sells scientifically designed products and research is done on all the products before selling it in the market.  

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